Tuesday, January 4, 2011

" How Am I Doing ? "

By Mary Oleksowicz,  MSTOM., L.Ac.

     There is nothing like the invigoration provided by a new opportunity. The New Year and the “ resolutions”  that it stimulates  often  provide a fresh start . Now that we are a few days into the New Year , that vigor may be starting to subside.  This makes one wonder, how can we successfully achieve not only our New Year’s resolutions but other goals that we develop for ourselves? 

     Planning seems to be the key to success. Part of this planning process is to set realistic goals. For example, someone may want to lose thirty pounds over the course of the year. This is a significant amount of weight to lose. Overtime, one may become frustrated by not meeting this goal. However, if you plan to start your weight loss journey on a smaller scale perhaps five pounds in the first month , the feeling of success will be achieved much sooner and help you to stay committed . 

     In addition to planning your resolutions with realistic goals, you also need to have a course of action. What are the most obvious things you can do to impact your situation? Make a list of four of these actions and then implement one per week for the following month. Be sure that you continue to reward yourself upon implementing each goal. Rewards maybe an extra hour of reading your favorite novel or a cup of herbal tea.

     Lastly ,  I have found  that having accountability makes  keeping resolutions  easier. This can be done by logging your progress via blog or online support group. I always encourage a friend to join me on my resolutions and thus we can check in (and commiserate) with each other . In the great words of former NYC mayor Ed Koch, the occasional “How am I doing?” can make a difference between resolution failure and success. 

I wish you luck and success ! 


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