Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Strategies For Stress Management


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Well….I am still on Jury Duty and it looks as though that is the way it is going to be for the remainder of my assignment…..no early dismissal.  The stress and tension caused by this major disruption in my schedule has dissipated.  What is left is a mild irritation.

This experience has reinforced the value of developing stress management skills.  As I review the events of these past few weeks, and this past week in particular, I am able to see the benefits of the stress management strategies I used:

ü Maintaining my exercise routine helped me release tension and encouraged a sense of physical strength. 

ü A supportive network of friends helped me by allowing me to rant.

ü Asking for help from my colleagues reinforced my sense of community. 

ü Using my calendar to schedule and re-schedule my commitments was an aid in seeing the big picture and kept me on task. 

All of these strategies were the basis of developing a positive outlook.  Choosing to keep my focus on the possibilities opened my mind and spirit to the needed solutions.  Once I was able to see different ways to adhere to my commitments, I was able to take action which improved my self-esteem.  This then encouraged the continuation of searching for alternate ways to live my life with the new commitment of Jury Duty.  I can see how each action pushed me to the next action and continued to reinforce a positive outlook keeping me living in the moment. 

 positive outlook = possibilities=solutions=actions=improved self-esteem

This reminds me of words attributed to Albert Einstein: 

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Thank you for spending this time with me. 

Have a joyous holiday as you look for the possibilities.

Andrea G. Shenkman, M.S.

Adjunct Professor, Stress Management

Kaplan University


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