Friday, November 23, 2012

Harvest Gratitude

This week as I've been starting into the holiday season, I find I've been finishing a lot of the bounty from the growing season.  The snow peas, so carefully frozen in June are now all gone.  The shelled peas suffered the same fate a few weeks ago, and the blueberries....well, they didn't even make it into September.  Each time I come to the end of a bag, or a jar, I have to sigh a little bit.  Not only for the deliciousness that I won't experience again until the next growing season, but for each memory tied to that particular food or medicine.  

 Like running out to the fields to pick the last tiny strawberries before the rains came.

Or how excited my littlest was about finding the "perfect blossom!".
And how hard it was to wait for the pickles to get just the right flavor.
I stayed up way too late finishing the pasta sauce.
And salsa!
But of course you know it's all worth it when you see beauty and love in a butternut squash.

So much of the world has lost this kind of meaningful connection with their food.  I feel so very grateful to my CSA, Riverland Farms, for working incredibly hard to feed the people of my community.  They have nourished our bodies and our souls! And truly, it gives real meaning to the celebration of the harvest.  Hope your holiday is full of gratitude, and butternut squash!

Be Well,
Kristin Henningsen

p.s.  Find a CSA near you!  Sign-ups are happening now for the next season.  Check out and change your life!





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