Monday, April 27, 2015

My "blue" thumb

By: Jeanette Andrade PhD, RDN, LDN

My husband has a green thumb. He graduated with a bachelor’s in agricultural engineering, so he knows how to grow plants, what to do, etc. I follow his directions, but what happens? The plant dies. Every single year this happens. For example, my dad gave me a cactus when I got my first job as he said I would not kill this thing, well I did. It survived 3 months. I do, however, grow weeds very well as was seen last year. I planted some wild flowers as I thought those couldn’t possibly die, but they did, however, the weeds survived! So, I have what is called a “blue” thumb or at least that is what I call it. I mean how else could this happen year end and year out? I don’t like blaming genetics, but I really think my mom passed this “blue” thumb thing onto me. She never could grow plants at all. The only plants that survived her thumb were the ones she despised. You may ask how one can despise plants. Well, she was given a house plant by my grandmother for Mother’s Day. It wasn’t the prettiest house plant in the world, but that thing survived. I mean weeks went by where we forgot to water it or give it plant food, but it continued to grow. It seriously was like the plant from “The Little Shop of Horrors” movie. We even named the plant Audrey III. I think my mom finally gave it away at work, but it stayed in our home for over 5 years.
I appreciate when I tell people that I am not a gardener and explain my situation that they become sympathetic and start advising me on how I can become a better gardener. However, I am content with the fact I have a “blue” thumb. And that I am a manager of the garden and tell my husband where the plants should go. Even though he puts them someplace else as he knows what will grow best where.
I will say this, 5 years ago I went against all advice given to me by my husband and others and planted my tree, the “Japanese Evergreen”. Literally my secret was digging a big hole, carefully dropping the tree in, watering it, and then telling the tree he better grow. Who knows? This tree could become Audrey IV….


Jaimi Berry said...

I can relate!! I have blue thumb!

Kaplan Center for Health and Wellness said...

"Who knows? This tree could become Audrey IV..." I love it! :-)
I wonder what happened to Audrey I and II...


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