Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fall Respiratory Health--Part 1

This past week's cold front has officially brought us deep into Fall.  While summer's energy is generally warm and wet, the energy of Fall is cool and dry.  You can see and feel this all around you.  Just as the leaves dry up, so does your skin.  The cooler weather makes for cold hands and feet as blood flow gets hastily rerouted to the interior to warm the organs, causing you to grab for warm socks and gloves.

This combination of dryness and decreased circulation can wreak havoc on the respiratory system,
especially when combined with the increased contact with viruses that abound in the Fall and Winter.  Stuffy noses and sinuses drain down into the lungs, where phlegm can congeal and harden.  Coughs tend to be dry with the lack of moisture, making it difficult to expectorate the mucus.  This in turn can cause the tissues of the throat to become inflamed, leading to sore throats and even laryngitis. 

Fortunately there are many holistic ways to prevent and treat these acute respiratory conditions.  We will explore several techniques in this 3-part series on respiratory health, but let's start with one of my favorite herbal recipes.

Wild Cherry Bark Cough Syrup
  •     4 slices Astragalus   
  •     1 oz. Wild Cherry Bark
  •     1 oz. Rose Hips        
  •     1 oz. Yarrow   
  •     1/2 oz. Elecampane
  •     1/2 oz. Slippery Elm Bark        
  •     1/2 oz. Nettles
  •     1-2 cups Honey        
  •     4 Cups Water

    ~Cover Astragalus, Wild Cherry Bark, Rose Hips, Elecampane, and Slippery Elm Bark with water
    ~ Bring to a low boil, then simmer for about 20 minutes, until liquid is reduced by half
    ~Turn off heat, then add Yarrow and Nettle and steep for 15 minutes
    ~Mash, strain, then return liquid to pot
    ~Add honey, simmering 5-10 minutes
    *Bottle and refrigerate for 3-6 months.  Take 1-2 Tspns 2-3X daily to ease cough and sore throat

This is an easy and delicious herbal syrup that even the kids will like!  It not only breaks up that congealed phlegm, but will soothe the tissues of the throat and build deep immunity to keep you healthy.

Be Well,
Kristin Henningsen MS, CH, RYT


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