Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning

By: Mary Oleksowicz, MSTOM, L.Ac
At this point of the year the term spring is a word that many of us yearn for. The term “Spring Cleaning” however is a phrase that tends to instill fear into the hearts of many, especially my children. However, the process can be one of invigoration rather than exhaustion as long as the right approach is taken .
1.       Plan your day. Set aside a day and time frame that is amicable to the majority within the family . For older children remind them that they are “strongly“  invited to participate. Tell family members that cell phones, texting etc are prohibited during this time.

2.       Decide the intensity of cleaning that is going to occur. Are you going to scrub and purge every room?  Or are you going to tidy places that are often overlooked in the weekly cleaning? Divide the chores among participants so that you are free to accomplish your goals rather than nag and regulate through the day.

3.       Gather your tools. Nothing can ruin the moment of cleaning like a run to the store for cleaning supplies. Fill your supply list several days before the event to allow time for “last minute” items.

4.       Provide motivation. Allow everyone to contribute a list of five or six fast-paced songs. Alternate and integrate them into a playlist or cd to keep everyone “vibing”. I have found that some songs have become associated only with this cleaning ritual.

5.       Predetermine breaks. In order to prevent mutiny, let everyone know the scheduled break times and lengths. I also stock up on favorite treats or taboo goodies to keep the crowd motivated.

6.       Give back. I love the opportunity to use spring cleaning as a way to donate to the local Salvation Army .Part of our spring cleaning ritual involves a purge and inventory of the closets. We predetermine a number of items that as a family we wish to “purge”.  We determine our family number by adding up the digits of our house phone number. If you have a large amount of clutter, include your area code. We then divide that number by the number of family members, so that everyone has a minimum goal.

7.       Make the cleanup a contest. In my home, we see who can exceed the assigned number from step 6. Choosing the “victory” movie rental at the end of the day is reserved for the family member who donates the most items to charity.

8.       Don’t forget to integrate other forms of cleansing . This time period can also be a wonderful incentive for a purge of unhealthy foods from your cabinets, unused files from the home computer or disposing of old product manuals and warranties.

      I hope you have found these ideas helpful. Historical reasons for a traditional spring cleaning are no longer a factor in the vast majority of today's homes. In years past, homes were heated during the winter with wood, coal or coal oil furnaces, resulting in an accumulation soot and ash on walls, furniture and fabrics. Spring cleaning marked the end of the heating season, and the entire house was aired and scrubbed of the film. Regardless of how much you accomplish, I wish you a joyous cleanse . Let the sun shine in !!!


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