Saturday, September 3, 2011

Free Yoga!!!

September is National Yoga Month.  What does that mean?  Well, it has a different meaning for everyone.  Perhaps you are a seasoned Yogi and need to rejuvenate or renew your practice with a deeper study.  Now's the time to do it.  Perhaps you have been wanting to try yoga, but work, kids, dishes, etc., etc. always seems to take a priority.  Well, now's the time to try it.  Whatever it means for you, Yoga Month  inspires more mindful and healthy living by simply bringing awareness to the table. 

It's time to cast aside excuses and honor yourself by engaging in an activity that inspires your body, mind, and spirit.

Another great benefit of Yoga Month is that many studios around the country are offering free yoga.  Yes, free!  And not just one class, but a week of classes so you get to look around and choose a style that inspires you.  Check out to find a studio near you that is offering this great service.  While you're there you can also check out their Yoga Month Blog for giveaways,  subscribe to their newsletter, or find yoga events in your community.  Take a look around and be inspired!

Now's the time to start that journey!
Kristin Henningsen, M.S., C.H., R.Y.T.


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