Monday, October 10, 2011


Look For The Possibilities

The main them of this week's blog has been adopting new perspectives for the management of stress in our lives.  To change a situation, a new outlook is needed.  
I’ve quoted Albert Einstein to help gain understanding that to solve a problem a new consciousness needs to be developed to discover the solution.   We are resourceful beings with strengths and abilities that we tend to take for granted.   I’ve asked that a look be taken at the basics of daily life to gain a better understanding of the tools already at hand to alleviate daily stress.   Developing time management skills, eating nutritious foods, and getting sufficient sleep are strategies that can be readily utilized to alleviate stress which promotes health.  The choices we make daily are choices that can result in minimizing stress which promotes health.  Continue to explore techniques you can incorporate into your daily life that will bring you the benefits of a less stressful life.
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I leave you with the following T’ai Chi Saying:
Tension is who you think you should be.  Relaxation is who you are.
Remember to look for the possibilities.                                                                       
Andrea G. Shenkman, M.S.
Adjunct Professor, Stress Management
Kaplan University


Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Shonee. I am getting to graduate from Kaplan in February in Health and Wellness. As I look to the future I am deciding what path I want to take for my career. I am interested in Stress Management. I would love to get your insight as to what other schooling I need and any other help you could give me.

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