Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Harvest

This year Halloween in our town was cancelled.  Really!  Perhaps you heard about the massive power outages and severe tree damage in Western MA?  Yeah, my town was included in that.  And because there were trees and power lines everywhere, trick or treating was not even an option. 

Of course I can't say I was too terribly sad about this development, although I did feel bad for my kids.  But worrying about whether or not my kids gorged themselves on too much candy was just one more worry I didn't need.  I mean, when you have a 50 ft. Maple tree through your bedroom window, you want to keep it simple. :)

Instead of filling buckets with candy this year, we went to a friends farm to share a meal (and their heat and power).  Almost everything on their table was grown right there on the farm.  From the corn used to make the corn chowder and muffins to the acorn squash and potatoes.  Even the after-dinner Tulsi tea was grown and dried right there on the farm.  Looking around at the barrels of apples waiting to be dried or canned and the herbs hanging from the ceiling I was reminded of what Halloween used to represent.  The celebration of the harvest.  Being thankful for the bounty of the summer and preparing for the long winter ahead. 

It felt good to be thankful for hot home-cooked food and good friends.  And although I'm sure next year you'll find us wandering our neighborhood for candy with the kids again, I think I might add a new tradition of family, friends and harvest into the mix. 

Happy Harvest!
Kristin Henningsen M.S., C.H., R.Y.T.


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