Saturday, November 5, 2011

Movin On

Embracing change is by far no easy task.  A few weeks ago my family and I uprooted from our small South Carolina town to move back up to the Northeast.  Just in time for a few weeks of fall colors (or so we thought)!  We were sad to leave our sweet little southern town, but excited to get back to a wonderful community that offers so much.

Even when you are excited and ready for change, it can still be bittersweet.  Our family moves around a lot.  As an alternative health practitioner this can be a challenge.  It takes time to build yoga classes and clients for a health and wellness business.  Luckily the internet can be a big help for keeping a practice alive no matter where you are in the country.  Maintaining a website, networking within your region, and reaching out to local community groups is a great way to build your business as well as make lifelong friends.

Aside from these business practices to embrace change, it is also important to have a personal practice to embrace change.  The Buddhist Doctrine of Impermanence tells us that change is inevitable, so we need to honor it and surrender to it.  Here are some other techniques to help embrace the change that is inevitable.

1.  Meditation: Change often involves many surprises along the way.  The antidote to uncertainty is to explore it rather than push it away.  Taking the time to meditate and stay present with your feelings (whatever those may be) will help you stay steady throughout a life changing process.  This meditation can be as simple as listening to your breath or repeating a mantra, as long as your meditation connects you to your inner self.

2. Have a Goal or Intention: Whatever is changing in your life, it is important to set a goal or intention for what you want to achieve.  It's okay if this too changes.  Simply having a direction in which to go allows you to bring your goal into the present moment and move to the next step.

3. Baby Steps:  Taking small, determined steps in the direction you want to go allows you manifest your goal or intention.  Break your goal up into small, manageable pieces so you don't get overwhelmed.  Each step will lead to the next and will eventually end with you reaching your goal.

Whatever your goal, using these small techniques to embrace change can help you with whatever life changing event occurs.  So go ahead and surrender to the inevitable change.  You just might like the results!

Now for more unpacking………

Kristin Henningsen, M.S., C.H., R.Y.T.


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