Tuesday, May 22, 2012

LI 4 for Headaches (and More ) !!!

By Mary Oleksowicz, L.Ac
As an acupuncturist, I am often asked which points are also effective for acupressure techniques. Undoubtedly , Large Intestine 4 ( LI 4 ) would have to rank as one of my favorites.   The point has many traditional associations such as being “ the command point of the head and face” meaning that it sends large amount of energy to this part of the body . The point is also designated as a “ Yuan Source “ point which means that the point is strongly connected to our source or core energies. The point is easily located  on the back of the hand between the thumb and first finger in the fleshy part of the hand. DO NOT USE DURING PREGNANCY !!

When applied for the use of headache relief, the point is thought to help move energy that may be stagnate in the head area. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, many headache patterns are due “qi stagnation” which most Americans would relate to as the muscle tightness associated with stress.

Use of LI4, is relatively simple. After locating the point in the aforementioned fleshy portion of the hand, you can rub the point until it is stimulated. For most people, the sensation is one of a deep achy. A young client I once treated describes the sensation as “ The Boomies, like feeling your heartbeat , only not really” . Manipulation should be applied to both hands and is especially useful for frontal headaches and those caused by cold or flu symptoms.

The wonderful thing about LI4 is that it can also be used for allergy symptoms, toothaches, and generally stress relief. It is a drug free alternative and you always have it available!


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