Friday, April 11, 2014

Welcome to Spring!

As Spring unfolds around the globe, thoughts turn to the New... daffodils and tulips, robins and bluejays, lettuce and sweet peas and.. and... and...
Here at the Kaplan University Center for Health & Wellness, we're so excited to be back on the Blog, bringing you all kinds of fascinating ideas, how-to's, try this, Yes You Can, all things Vibrant and Healthy

We have experts in Yoga, Nutrition, Oriental Medicine, Medical Ethics, Stress Management, Naturopathic Medicine, Organic Gardening, Herbs -  and Much More!
 And of course we want to Hear from You! so don't be shy, share your thoughts and please share this blog with anyone you know interested in Health, Wellness and Overall Well Being!

Betty Harrison
Chair, Departments of Health & Wellness and Nutrition Science
School of Health Science
Kaplan University


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