Monday, August 4, 2014

Teacher, Teach Me


I hope you all didn’t mind the last post with the poetry about peaches, but I just couldn’t keep myself from waxing poetic about the beautiful fruit of summer.  J If you can’t tell from the last post about peaches, I am a bit of a free spirit, but I am also a deep thinker. Oh boy do I think. Even in my sleep I am thinking. Truly. I think a lot about you, the student and about how we teach you, the student. And about what you, the student will do with all this knowledge. Are we giving you enough knowledge? In the right way? Are we giving you too much information? Are we reaching more than just your head? Are we reaching your heart? Because certainly to be in the health care field for any length of time you must have a heart for your patients.

Talk to any teacher/professor and they will tell you how their teaching philosophy was shaped by the teachers in their lives...both good and bad.  As I think about the teachers that have influenced my life, I wonder, who has influenced yours? How will that influence impact you as you work with patients? What qualities as a health care practitioner and as a person do you want to convey to your patients? Why? Are we teaching you how to do this in the classroom? Can we?


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