Monday, October 6, 2014

Synaesthesia Wrap Up

We have had fun talking about what Synaesthesia is and how it impacts our senses, specifically how it impacts taste. Now it is time focus a little on the physiological aspect of this condition. After reading a lot of articles and doing a lot of research on the topic, it appears that we still don't have a good, complete understanding about what causes Synaesthesia. We do know that there is a genetic component and that women tend to have it more than men (Carpenter, 2001). The Huffington Post put out a nice video about the topic and they interview a Nueroscientist from Baylor University who explains on a physiological level, what is happening in the brain of a Synaesthate. You can watch it here. Finally, are you curious if you have Synaesthesia? Check out this website, to see if you do! If so, you can be a part of current Synaesthesia research projects.

Hope all enjoyed the topic!
Emily Boldrin PhD, RD

Carpenter, Siri. (March 2001). Everyday fantasia: The world of synesthesia. American Psychological Association, 32 (3).


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