Thursday, September 3, 2015

Can a vegan diet help "reverse" heart disease?

Written by Renee Gosselin, MS MBA RD
Nutrition Instructor
Within the month of August, I attended a seminar in relationship between Nutrition and Cardiovascular disease. The organization that provided the 2 day seminar discussed information and provided multiple research studies that highlighted utilizing a vegan diet instead of medications. There were many different speakers who presented on topics that included topics such as plant based diets with hypercholesterolemic children, confusion over cholesterol intake, and heart disease prevention/interventions in other countries such as China and India.

One of the most interesting facts that I found was that they showed within the first presentation that atherosclerosis or plague buildup starts in utero. One point I found really interesting was that children who born at a low birth weight are at higher risk of having atherosclerosis than those who are not.   

The discussion of the all mighty egg was also discussed. The emphasis of who is endorsing some of the researches was highly highlighted within these seminars. Statins and the side effects were discussed and included multiple reports of problems including memory loss within a large population. Additionally, there were many positive results of lowering heart disease risk and overall health with utilization of a vegan diet. The basis of many of these discussions were using plant based oils and foods such as soybean oils/walnuts/flaxseed to help with the overall disease prevention.


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