Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Obsessing Over Weight Loss

The world is filled with constant reminders of methods for weight loss; exercise programs, diet plans, pills, etc.  Losing weight seems to be something that is on the forefront of many consumers’ minds.  Are all these messages and thoughts somehow creating a negative impact on personal weight goals?

For example, I know some people who never discuss ‘feeling fat’ or ‘needing to lose weight’ and they are in great shape.  It’s just not something they stress out about on a regular basis.  They don’t seek out special methods to achieve weight loss or worry about the foods they consume.  They say active without overly obsessing as well.

Having regular thoughts of good health can be important to ensuring a healthy future. However, when these thoughts consume the mind, too much control and obsession can cause a negative reaction. It’s understandable that consumers’ desire control but I feel that if the consumer focuses on a few small lifestyle changes, the impact lasts longer. 

Obsessing over many dietary and physical activity changes at once can backfire, causing the consumer to feel like a failure.  It can create a pattern in which the goals seems father away. Small changes that slowly become lasting habits are meaningful to the consumer and help to ensure better success rates while meeting personal goals.  Could weight loss be achieved if consumers actually stop thinking about it so much?

Joyce Rode, MA


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