Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Time of Reflection

What does Thanksgiving Day means to you? Is it all about the food, spending time with those whom you haven’t seen for a while, watching the football games and so forth? I’ve come to realize the Day of Thanksgiving should be much more meaningful than that. It should be a time of reflection in giving thanks and to be appreciative of the things that we have. However, there is another part to the word of thanksgiving which is “giving”. All of us can find ways to give back to those in need. It can come in the form of volunteering your time, sharing a skill, showing more kindness and etc. As you sit down with family and friends on Thanksgiving Day, let it be both a moment to be thankful while finding ways to give.

From My Family to Yours,

Written by
Dr. Shantel Anderson BA, MA, DHEd 


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