Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Having Fun With a Vegetable Orchestra

By: Emily Boldrin PhD, RD

I freely admit, what I am about to write about is a little strange…perhaps a better word is “quirky”. But, ever since I saw the news clip (5 years ago) I have thought about it a few times a year.  This time, I thought about the vegetable orchestra while I was cooking with my 2 year old son. He loves to help me cook and his specialty is throwing spices all over the counter and floor. And I love it. J

Over the holidays, we will be doing a lot of cooking, my son and I. And inevitably we will have some left overs because, you never want to run out of food during the holidays (am I right?)! It particularly seems that produce is something I buy too much of – it all looks so good I just can’t resist!  So, I was trying to think of creative ways I could use the extra produce instead of just tossing it out when it goes bad.

This is where the vegetable orchestra comes in…to give you the back story, the vegetable orchestra is a real group of artists that tour (mostly in Europe) playing only produce for instruments. They have been doing it for 17 years now! They make instruments out of produce, using things like drills to make holes. But their creativity doesn’t stop there and it is inspiring! You can watch the clip on CBS Sunday Morning here:

In particular I like the “carrot clarinet” that they make. J How fun that would be for children and what a great way to get children familiar with vegetables in a non-threatening environment and in a fun way! I dare say, it may even result in your child eating more vegetables! I for one will be making "carrot clarinets" and "squash symbols" this holiday season. I hope you, your family and your kids do too!


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